Re-writing the machinic anthropocene - Book: The Signal and the rock (2017)

2019-10-08T10:57:59Z (GMT) by Charlie Tweed

'Re-writing the machinic anthropocene' investigates how speculative fictional methods in creative practice could be used to expose and rewrite the relations between digital technologies and the anthropocene, and also how these methods could bring into view nonhuman voices and perspectives.

This item contains documentation of a book output, publication, and development.

Accompanying the development of audio work for the project is a publication entitled The Signal and the rock, which operates as a form of fictive hyperobject, expanding on the function and the contents of the audio transmission and the strategies and methods of the practice via a series of cross-referenced notes from a wide variety of sources.

Tweed, C (2017) ‘The Signal and the rock’, Publication designed by Modern Activity for the exhibition launch at Stanley Picker Gallery.

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