Re-writing the machinic anthropocene - Screenworks special issue

2019-10-08T10:52:48Z (GMT) by Charlie Tweed
'Re-writing the machinic anthropocene' investigates how speculative fictional methods in creative practice could be used to expose and rewrite the relations between digital technologies and the anthropocene, and also how these methods could bring into view nonhuman voices and perspectives.

This item contains documentation of the Screenworks special issue: Digital Ecologies and the anthropocene which was co-edited by Charlie Tweed. This special issue was developed from both the findings within the practical works of this project as well as the symposium. Charlie Tweed also organised a special launch event with performances, talks and screenings at Cube, Bristol in June 2018. The final discussion focused on practice based research methodologies.

There is additional documentation from a related event funded by Meccsa this section.

View the full issue online at the reference link below. Screenshot images of the Screenworks issue are used with permission, but may not be reused or distributed.