Re-writing the machinic anthropocene - Symposium: Digital Ecologies and the Anthropocene

2019-10-08T10:56:54Z (GMT) by Charlie Tweed

'Re-writing the machinic anthropocene' investigates how speculative fictional methods in creative practice could be used to expose and rewrite the relations between digital technologies and the anthropocene, and also how these methods could bring into view nonhuman voices and perspectives.

This item contains documents from the symposium which included a dynamic range of theoretical and practice-based responses from researchers, artists, filmmakers, writers and theorists. It aimed to foreground new political arguments, new modes of behaviour, new narratives, new languages and new creative forms. The symposium was curated and organised by Charlie Tweed, who also presented a paper at the symposium.


Dr Ele Carpenter (Goldsmiths)

Professor Charlie Gere (Lancaster) Bath Spa University

Other speakers:

Professor Owain Jones, Environmental Humanities, Bath Spa University

Philip Hüpkes, University of Vechta, Germany

Dr Joshua McNamara, University of Melbourne

Dr Mike Hannis, Bath Spa University

Jeff Scheible, Kings College, London

Ramon Bloomberg, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Teresa Carlesimo, Queens University

Chris Bailey, Plymouth College of Art

Matthew Lovett, University of Gloucestershire

Charlie Tweed, Bath Spa University

Alison Harper, Bath Spa University

Film screenings and performances:

Joey Holder, OPHIUX (2016)

Dr. Oliver Case, Dr. Bradley Garrett and Dr. Adam Fish, System Earth Cable - Einstock Mountain (2017)

Peter Bo Rappmund, Topophilia (2015)

Andy Weir, The Plureal Deal (2016)


Nathan Hughes, OBJECT (2016)

Sasha Litvintseva: Asbestos (performance) (2016)