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A Question of Identity - Publications and Extracts

posted on 2021-05-20, 12:48 authored by Joanna Nadin
This item contains underpinning research in support of the REF2021 Impact Case Study within the English Language and Literature Unit of Assessment (27), entitled "Writing for Young People: developing empathy in young readers and shaping the discipline, industry and next generation of writers".

This item is part of a Collection exploring Jo Nadin's writing for young people. Nadin’s research explores questions of empathy and identity by allowing her readers to ‘try on a new life’ through their engagement with her characters. Using the technique of writing in the first person, Nadin asks her readers to go on a journey with her protagonists.

The work is under copyright and may not be used without permission. Use of this repository acknowledges cooperation with its policies and relevant copyright law.

This item contains information relating to the following publications:
Joe All Alone (2015)
Flying Fergus series (2016-2019)
The Incredible Billy Wild (2017)
The Worst Class in the World (2020)
Alan Turing, A Life Story (2020)
Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility (Awesomely Austen) (2020)

Cover image for The Worst Class in the World:
© Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Used with permission.

Cover image for Alan Turing, A Life Story:
© Sarah Papworth, 2020
Reproduced with permission of Scholastic Limited

This item contains brief excerpts from:
Joe All Alone (2015)
The Worst Class in the World (2020)
Alan Turing, A Life Story (2020)

This item also contains short videos by Nadin relating to the following books:
The Worst Class in the World (2020)
Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility (Awesomely Austen) (2020)

The videos are credited to Jo Nadin, used with permission.


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