Artist Boss - Exhibition at New Arts Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury, UK

2018-12-21T11:12:44Z (GMT) by Jenny Dunseath
Documentation of an exhibition running from 19th November 2016 to 29th January 2017, curated by Jenny Dunseath & Mark Wilsher, accompanying the Artist Boss creative research project, which explores the relationship between artist and assistant. Initiated by Bath Spa University and Norwich University of the Arts, Artist Boss specifically focuses on the prolific sculptor Sir Anthony Caro (1924 – 2013), investigating the ‘traditional assistants’ role, its impact on learning and artistic careers.

This item contains example images of the below artists' work displayed at the exhibition:

Anthony Caro
Magnolia Passage (2005-06)
Equator (1993-94)
Purling (1969)
Table Piece LXXV (1969)
Thunder (1976)

Ian Dawson
ID.02.07.1816 (2016), Sculpture: 3D printing.

John Gibbons
Panel Wishing (2015-16), Sculpture: Stainless steel, varnished, Dimensions: 795 x 750 x 55 mm;
BinaryBinarius (2016), Sculpture: Stainless steel, paint & varnish, Dimensions: 2920 x 740 x 1050 mm and 3060 x 730 x 995 mm.

Guy Martin
Standing in Silence (2012), Sculpture: Macrocarpa and larch woods, concrete, steel, rope, raffia, Dimensions: H. 2120 W. 80 D. 80;
Wide Open Flat (2014), Sculpture: Lime wood, painted and lime waxed, Dimensions: H.26 W.50.5 D.18.5

John Wallbank
Untitled (sewn cube) (2016), Sculpture: Resin, fibreglass, pigment, plywood, polypropylene rope, Dimensions: 192 x 176 x 176 cm

Images courtesy of New Arts Centre Roche Court, and C. Churcher