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CERN: Everything Happens Once, Broken Symmetries, Kumu Museum, Tallinn, Estonia, 30th October 2020 - 20th February 2021.

posted on 2021-03-27, 13:49 authored by Mariele NeudeckerMariele Neudecker
Addressing her ongoing interest in the intersections of extremes in environment and scale, both digital and analogue, Neudecker has worked with particle physicists at CERN since 2015 to research the means by which new scientific knowledge is constructed and interpreted and how that shapes our understanding of nature and matter.

This item contains an exhibition programme, a contextual outline of Everything Happens Once and Quantum/Broken Symmetries, 3 exhibition views and 3 extracts of tracking footage used in the work.

This item documents Everything Happens Once 2020 and its inclusion in Quantum/Broken Symmetries, at Kumu Museum in Tallinn, Estonia, a touring exhibition of works produced by 11 international artists resulting from their Arts and Science residencies at CERN. Everything Happens Once, 2020 is a digital video work, consisting of 2 programmed monitors, that move back and forth across two 7 meter long tracks, displaying tracking footage which Neudecker had shot within the CLOUD experiment at CERN. Quantum /Broken Symmetries was curated by Monica Bello, Head of Arts at CERN.

Everything Happens Once
was scheduled to be exhibited at 2 museums on the Quantum/Broken Symmetries tour, including Kumu, but due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Quantum, at Le Lieu Unique in Nantes has been cancelled.

The exhibition was co-produced by ScANNER, composed of CERN, FACT, CCCB , iMAL, and Le Lieu Unique, Nantes.

Photography: Aleksander Meresaar. Images used with permission courtesy of the photographer and the Kumu Museum.

Exhibition pamphlet used courtesy of the Kumu Museum.

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