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CERN: 'I Cant Remember When It Started', Instagram / Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin, April 2020

posted on 2021-03-27, 13:49 authored by Mariele NeudeckerMariele Neudecker
Addressing her ongoing interest in the intersections of extremes in environment and scale, both digital and analogue, Neudecker has worked with particle physicists at CERN since 2015 to research the means by which new scientific knowledge is constructed and interpreted and how that shapes our understanding of nature and matter.

This item contains a project outline, 3 stills and a video of the Instagram work, and 2 images of the virtual viewing space.

This item documents the virtual exhibition of I Cant Remember When It Started 2020 at Galerie Barbara Thumm in Berlin, and on Instagram in April 2020. While in the process of producing her commissioned physical work Everything Happens Once, the catastrophic impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic forced much of the globe into lockdown, including the cancellation of any physical exhibitions. Neudecker responded by creating I Can't Remember When it Started, a digital work inspired by her research and extensive tracking footage of the visible, material paraphernalia of the CLOUD experiment she had produced for the physical work, Everything Happens Once 2020.

Images courtesy of the artist and Barbara Thumm Gallery.
Used with permission.

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