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CERN: Residency, Process and Methods

posted on 2021-03-27, 14:20 authored by Mariele NeudeckerMariele Neudecker
Addressing her ongoing interest in the intersections of extremes in environment and scale, both digital and analogue, Neudecker has worked with particle physicists at CERN since 2015 to research the means by which new scientific knowledge is constructed and interpreted and how that shapes our understanding of nature and matter.

This item contains 7 images of CERN, tracking shot footage,13 images of studio process, an audio file with clips of 4 interviews with CERN scientists, research footage inside a cloud chamber, and a video test of Everything Happens Once 2020.

Research with the Cabot Institute and Bristol University Physics Department into gravity, the influence of the sun and moon on tidal cycles, as well as data storage and macro imaging led directly to Neudecker's CERN residency in 2015. This item contains documentation of her research during her ongoing CERN residency, as well as processes and methodologies used and developed at CERN and in the studio that have resulted in the creation of 4 key works.

Neudecker's interviews with 4 particle physicists which fed into her ongoing research and methodology: the process of taking extensive still and moving images, particularly the use of tracking shots in various locations around CERN including the filming of cosmic dust particles inside one of the cloud chamber: and finally documentation of studio processes undertaken when making and testing Everything Happens Once (2020).

Audio Interviews with CERN physicists Jasper Kirkby, Reyes Alemany Fernandez, Alan M Litke, and Michael Doser. Used with their kind permission.

Photography by Benjamin Jones. Images used with permission courtesy of the artist, CERN and the photographer.

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