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Conversational AI (Technology that Talks) and Speculative Design Activism - Looking for the Cloud

posted on 2021-03-24, 17:44 authored by Coral MantonCoral Manton
Conversational AI is a research project spanning three design activist projects, ‘The Infinite Guide’, ‘Women Reclaiming AI’, and ‘Looking for The Cloud’. These projects investigate how conversational AI is affecting human relationships with technology, the limitations of poor diversity in AI development teams, the lack of public understanding of AI and its environmental impact, and the ethical implications of the commercial pursuit of humanising AI.

Looking For The Cloud aims to make visible the processes that are powering innovation in AI and the technology behind the Internet. Using terminology like 'The Cloud' stops users thinking about the growing amount of energy the Internet uses and its environmental sustainability. This project aims to engage young people in discussion on these issues through using conversational AI (chatbots) and children's fiction. Looking For The Cloud was developed in partnership with The Eden Project and a new feminist design activist community, The RE+Collective.

The book prototype pages and chatbots documented in this item (through the PDF of the website design and example images of the chatbots) forms one of the components of the output for this project. The rest of the documentation in this item is contextualising information.

This item contains an overview document with a description of the project, a PDF of the website design, example images of the online project chatbots and a video giving an overview of the research project.

Overview document, PDF and Video courtesy of Coral Manton and Birgitte Aga.

Used with permission.

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