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Dramaturgies of Hauntology - The Strange Geometry of Time (2018) - Performance Images

posted on 2021-03-24, 15:27 authored by Mary Steadman
Dramaturgies of Hauntology encompasses two performances, The Strange Geometry of Time (2018) and Dwelling (2019), both of which aim to creatively activate theories of Hauntology and Spectrality, either through the haunted subject, placing the singularity of the self into doubt, or via explorations of ‘agency’ in places devoid of human existence, testing the implications of the uncanny in derelict locations.

This item contains a collection of images of the production, performed by Mary Steadman and Leeza Jessie, with live Vocals/Sound Helen Roberts. Lighting by Bryan Wallbridge. Photographs credited to Stephan Beese and used with permission.

The performance took place in the University Theatre, Bath Spa University, November 2018.

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