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Dressing For Evacuation: Feverish World Symposium, Vermont, USA, 20th - 22nd October 2018

posted on 2021-03-27, 18:48 authored by Kerry Curtis
Dressing for Evacuation is a series of life size photographic portraits, shown as part of the US Feverish World Symposium, 2018 and the UK Fashion & Textiles FutureScan 4 Conference in 2019. Through a fictional participatory scenario the project explores human emergency responses to getting dressed and gathering limited possessions for survival.

This item contains a symposium programme, a contextual outline, 9 images of the preparation of Dressing For Evacuation for installation, and 6 final installation views including the fold out poster.

This item documents the inclusion of Dressing For Evacuation in TentWorks, part of the Feverish World Symposium organised by Eco Culture Lab, and held in October 2018 at the University of Vermont, USA. Featuring discussion, workshops, exhibition, and the installations in TentWorks the 3 day symposium addressed how educational and cultural institutions might respond to the intensifying global crisis and develop ways of working together to face future humanitarian and environmental destabilisation.

Promotional material courtesy of the Feverish World Symposium, The University of Vermont andEcoCultureLab.

Photography by Lucy Saunders.
Used with permission.

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