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Dressing For Evacuation: Photoshoot and Survey 2018

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posted on 2021-03-27, 18:47 authored by Kerry Curtis
Dressing for Evacuation is a series of life size photographic portraits, shown as part of the US Feverish World Symposium, 2018 and the UK Fashion & Textiles FutureScan 4 Conference in 2019. Through a fictional participatory scenario the project explores human emergency responses to getting dressed and gathering limited possessions for survival.

This item contains 11 photos of the participants with extracts of their completed surveys, 3 descriptions of each stage, contextual and background information, a fictional alert, and a survey template.

This item documents the photoshoot and survey stages of Dressing for Evacuation, where participants were alerted to an imminent major environmental disaster in the UK, and asked to dress and gather a few portable possessions for immediate evacuation. The Participants were photographed and their responses were gathered through a written survey, from which findings and observations were drawn that reflect on our preparedness for a state of emergency.

Dressing For Evacuation is part of Curtis's ongoing series of fictional scenario projects, Imagining Neutopia.

Photography by Lucy Saunders
Used with permission.

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