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Fiction Machines: 300 word statement

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posted on 2021-03-24, 18:17 authored by Charlie TweedCharlie Tweed
Fiction Machines is a multi-component output comprising a body of video art works, a journal article, a curated symposium and a journal special issue.
The research considers how media art works can be developed that expose, rewrite and critique the mechanisms of contemporary control technologies from informational and affective perspectives.

Secondly, how re-appropriation can be used to harness source material drawn from the operations of these technologies? Thirdly how can the works themselves become self-reflexive machines, performing affective control on the viewer, whilst also exposing their artifice? Fourthly, how can similar research approaches that harness fiction to rethink technologies can be interrogated and brought into view?

This item contains the 300 word statement.