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Forests and Trees: Sediment at the Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick, Ireland, 6th September - 17th November 2019.

posted on 2021-03-27, 11:28 authored by Mariele NeudeckerMariele Neudecker

Forests and Trees focuses on research into landscape as metaphor for the human condition, the Contemporary Sublime, human psychology, atmospheric conditions and subjects surrounding climate change.

This item contains 6 exhibition views, a press release and contextual information on the featured artwork.

The images and text in this item document the inclusion of And the World Changed Colour:Breathing Yellow in 'Sediment', a solo survey exhibition of Mariele Neudecker's work at Limerick City Gallery of Art in Ireland, (6th September until 17th November 2019). This exhibition touches on themes of the real and the mediated, the landscape tradition in art, environmental change, collective experience and time.

Sediment was curated by Una McCarthy, Director, LCGA, Limerick, Ireland.

And Then The World Changed Colour: Breathing Yellow

2019 : 564mm x 636mm x 45mm
mixed media incl. glass, water, resin.

Photography: Benjamin Jones. Images used with permission courtesy of the photographer and Limerick City Gallery of Art.

And Then The World Changed Colour: Breathing Yellow was also exhibited in Among the Trees, (2020) curated by Ralph Rugoff, Hayward Gallery, London.

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