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Fountain 17 - Reference Works & Foundational Research

posted on 2021-03-29, 07:15 authored by Paul Minott
Celebrating the centenary of Duchamp's Fountain (1917) and bicentenary of Armitage Shanks (1817), Fountain 17 was a touring exhibition of works by artists invited to respond to Duchamp's iconic readymade, debuting at Hull’s Humber Street Gallery in 2017. Minott contributed two artworks, an essay and a lecture to Fountain 17, and projects and texts stemming from Minott’s extensive Duchamp research are also documented, including Minott’s film The Oculist’s Dentist.

This item contains images of the reference works of Alfred Barr Jr., Marcel Duchamp, and others, that Minott has engaged with in this work, as well as evidence of foundational research undertaken by Minott in the lead up to Fountain 17.