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Fragile Stories - Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Gallery, Venice, 2017

posted on 2021-03-25, 17:38 authored by Mandy BonnellMandy Bonnell

Fragile Stories explores the complexity of mark making on an intimate scale, using typographic punctuation and careful precision to create skeletal structures inspired by the natural world and textile samples. It responds to nature as lines, shapes and rhythms of contemplative repetition, and to stitching as text and language.

This item contains works by Bonnell shown at a solo exhibition at the Scuola di Grafica Gallery, Venice, Italy, 3-11 March 2017.

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Alongside other works, Bonnell exhibited the following:

1. The artist's book 'Bethany Seeds' (2013), containing wood engravings, collage monotype cut out, lino cut and letterpress H. The book contained a poem by Gabriel Gbadamosi, who responds to the images of hard wood seeds collected and drawn while in residency at The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, CT, USA.

2. 'Eloise Butler's Wildflower Garden' (2013). A paper covered box comprising 3 paper slip cases with letterpress and emboss, 'Flora', 'Flower', and 'Fleuron', produced to hold 8 folded concertina page spreads, which contain graphite, letterpress, hand cut paper, collage, paper cut out and natural specimens.

'Bethany Seeds' (2013) and 'Eloise Butler's Wildflower Garden' (2013) were created for, and first shown at, the exhibition Of Green Leaf Bird and Flower at the Yale Center for British Art, 15 May - 10 August 2014.

Following the exhibition, Bonnell took up a Fellowship Award at The Scuola di Grafica (27 March - 7 May 2017). Alongside working on a new body of work, Bonnell ran a series of Letterpress workshops for the School and gave a talk about her work.

Images courtesy of the artist and George Meyrick. Used with permission.

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