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Heavy Rock|Plymouth Sound, New Arts Centre, Roche Court, Wiltshire, 14th May - 24th July 2016

posted on 2021-03-28, 10:34 authored by Keith HarrisonKeith Harrison
A contemporary response to the historic collections held at the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Heavy Rock|Plymouth Sound focused on the unceasing hidden construction process of the concrete Breakwater in Plymouth Sound. This public project extends Harrison's ongoing research into transforming matter through sound and making hidden processes public.

This item contains an exhibition invitation, 3 images of the Heavy Rock installation and 2 sound recordings taken from the wavebreaker out at sea and transmitted through the wooden replica mould.

This item documents the inclusion of Harrison's Heavy Rock|Plymouth Sound in Material language: New Work In Clay, at the New Arts Centre in Wiltshire. It was a group exhibition featuring 9 contemporary artists working with ceramics. Commissioned by New Expressions 3 in 2015. and developed in response to a painting by George Barret the Younger in 1812 'Laying the Foundation Stone of Plymouth Breakwater’ held in the PMAG Collection, Heavy Rock was originally staged in Plymouth at Karst and on Plymouth Sound. Adapted for Material Language at the New Arts centre in 2016 Heavy Rock took the form of a specially fabricated marine ply version of the wooden replica Wavebreaker mould and was installed in the grounds of the New Arts Centre transmitting sound recordings from the original Wavebreaker that was in position on the Plymouth Breakwater. Five A1 developmental drawings were also shown together with six 1;20 edition concrete models of the Wavebreaker.

Material Language
: New Works in Clay was curated by Sarah Griffin and Alun Graves.

Photography courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.

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