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In Her Dream 2015 : Process and Development

posted on 2021-03-28, 21:49 authored by Young In HongYoung In Hong
In Her Dream is a solo project commissioned by fig-2, consisting of a live performance, an installation and video at the ICA theatre and Studios in February 2015. It was a multidisciplinary and intercultural performance, inspired by the true story of a woman who murdered her abuser, forcing riots and legal reform on domestic violence in Korea.

This item contains an outline of the projects process and development, a Delfina Performance and Process Programme (link provided below, courtesy of Delfina), 4 artists drawings, a collage and final performance plan.

This item documents the processes and stages of development undergone in the creation of the performance and exhibition of In Her Dream at the ICA in February 2015. This includes Young In Hong's participation in Performance As Process, a 10 week residency curated by Gabriela Salgado and hosted by Delfina Foundation, to support artists to focus on the performative aspect of their practice.

Below are links to rehearsals at the artists studio and to music and dance references for the performers.
Rehearsal videos 6.45mins and 6 mins:

Music Reference:
Dance Reference - Salpuri (Shamanic Korean dance). 5.09mins.

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