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Let Us Dance: 'Still I Rise', Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, 15th September - 15th December 2019 (Every Sunday).

posted on 2021-03-28, 22:57 authored by Young In HongYoung In Hong

This collection includes a collaborative flash mob performance, Let Us Dance, and a large scale embroidery work, Burning Love inspired by the landmark 2008 candlelit demonstrations in Seoul involving the mass participation of teenage girls. Commissioned for the PLATEAU Museum, Seoul in 2014, Let Us Dance explores the potential of unregulated collective engagement and history as an ongoing act of participation and socio political and cultural challenge in the present.

This item contains a press release, a video of one of the performances and a collection of archival images from the 2008 demonstration in Seoul, South Korea.

This item documents the UK premiere of Let Us Dance as part of Still I Rise at the Arnolfini, a 3 month programme of 70 international artists, exploring different approaches to resistance from a gendered perspective. Performed every Sunday for 3 months by a different group of female volunteer dancers, Let Us Dance was re contextualised in Bristol by the dancers' collective, interpretive responses to their own experience in the current societal climate.

Let Us Dance was first performed in PLATEAU, Seoul in 2014. In 2016, Let Us Dance was revived by a different group of participants in Paris as part of South Korea Guest of Honour Rituals programme at Art Paris Art Fair 2016. This is the project’s UK premiere.

Press release courtesy of the Arnolfini, Bristol.

Supported by Trinity Centre, Bristol.

Videography by Young In Hong. Used with permission.

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