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Making Books - Book Chapter (2016) and Article (2017)

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posted on 2021-03-25, 17:10 authored by Laura Little
Making Books: Character Design and Narrative in Illustration is a collection of critical and creative work investigating frameworks for practice-based research and their applications to children’s picturebook illustration, focusing in particular on the processes involved as they apply to the creation of character and narrative, using a design-based approach to constructing books.

This item contains the recently published book chapter 'Shaping pictures: picturebook narrative from an illustrator’s perspective', Narration Transdisziplinäre Wege zur Kunstdidaktik, Kopaed, Munich, 2016; and recently publisher article, 'Creation as a method of enquiry: Reflections on practice-based research in children’s picturebook illustration' published in the Journal of Illustration, November, 2017 and

Workshops exploring this theme were presented at the 22nd Annual IBBY UK conference in 2015 and at a workshop on Pictures and Narrative in Liestal, Switzerland, 2014. As part of our outreach programme, over 2,000 children have made books at children’s book-making workshops since 2015, in collaboration with arts festivals and organisations in the South West and Ireland. Children’s explorations of making their own books were presented at the iJade conference: Art and Design as Agents for Change, Dublin, 2017.


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Little, L (2016) 'Shaping pictures: picturebook narrative from an illustrator's perspective.' In: Lieber, G and Uhlig, B, eds. Narration Transdisziplinäre Wege zur Kunstdidaktik. Kopaed, Munich, pp. 235-248. ISBN 9783867361453

Source 2:
Little, L (2017) 'Creation as a method of enquiry: reflections on practice-based research in children’s picturebook illustration.' Journal of Illustration, 4 (2). pp. 173-185. ISSN 2052-0204