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Making Books - Exhibition, The Dollhouse Space (2019) - Boekhandel Blokker, Heemstede, Netherlands

posted on 2021-03-25, 17:10 authored by Laura Little
Making Books: Character Design and Narrative in Illustration is a collection of critical and creative work investigating frameworks for practice-based research and their applications to children’s picturebook illustration, focusing in particular on the processes involved as they apply to the creation of character and narrative, using a design-based approach to constructing books.

This item contains documentation of the exhibition, which took place from March to June, 2019.

The Dollhouse
The Dollhouse (built in 1974 by the Dutch toy-firm G. Okkerse) is a tiny, non-profit, experimental contemporary art space. It was exhibited at Boekhandel Blokker, a bookshop in The Netherlands, allowing the wider public to interact with the Dollhouse and the exhibits it contained. A selection of books were positioned around the Dollhouse to offer a sense of narrative and context. For example, The Velveteen Rabbit, which features a sentient toy rabbit sat alongside Toby’s room. The work is featured on the Dollhouse website and has a considerable number of followers on Instagram.

All photos: Ciara Finnegan
Used with permission.

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