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Material Soundsystems: Ecstatic Material 2, Tour Documentation (Venue 4), Caustic Coastal, Manchester, 11th February 2019.

posted on 2021-03-28, 21:12 authored by Keith HarrisonKeith Harrison

Material Soundsystems explores the possibilities of forging symbiotic and dynamic connections between the seemingly opposite properties of sound and matter. This research is bought together in 3 new projects, Mute, Ecstatic Material and Bloom where live performative experiments are conducted to test how sound animates materials and materials create sound.

This item contains a project outline, 15 event images and a promotional video.

This item documents Ecstatic Material at Caustic Coastal, Manchester on 11th February 2019. Commissioned by Outlands, Ecstatic Material is a collaborative performance between musician and producer Beatrice Dillon and artist Keith Harrison, which was toured to 9 separate venues in the UK and then to Bergen Norway in 2020. The performance takes the form of a live experiment with sound and substance using modular systems of malleable materials and multi channelled audio equipment.

Ecstatic Material was curated by Jennifer Lucy Allen and Al Cameron.

For a full list of venues please refer to the Ecstatic Material poster. Promotional material courtesy of Outlands.

The performances at 3 other tour venues have also been documented in the Ecstatic Material item: Karst in Plymouth, South London Gallery & the Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway.

Outlands is a new national experimental touring network promoting interdisciplinary art and music.

Photography: Dean Brierley. Images used with permission courtesy of the photographer and Caustic Coastal.

Video used courtesy of Outlands and Caustic Coastal.

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