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Material Soundsystems: Mute, 'Fragile', National Museum Wales, Cardiff, 18th April - 4th October, 2015.

posted on 2021-03-28, 21:12 authored by Keith HarrisonKeith Harrison
Material Soundsystems explores the possibilities of forging symbiotic and dynamic connections between the seemingly opposite properties of sound and matter. This research is bought together in 3 new projects, Mute, Ecstatic Material and Bloom where live performative experiments are conducted to test how sound animates materials and materials create sound.

This item contains a project outline, an e-invitation (courtesy of National Museum Wales, Cardiff), 4 images of A1 preparatory drawings, 2 pdfs containing preparatory sketches, concept and design plans, and 11 installation views.

Mute was commissioned by the National Museum of Wales as part of Fragile, an International Survey of Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition in 2015. The installation aimed to explore the effects on matter of sonic resonance within a PA system where the sound was completely internalised, then gradually exposed in short bursts. Mute was a soundsystem built from 72 clay filled speakers, gold tiles and separate twin turntables, from where dual vinyl single tracks were played simultaneously by members of the public. The ensuing muted sound clash created a force of internalised sound offering the potential for material destruction.

Photography: Robin Maggs. Images used with permission courtesy of the photographer and the National Museum of Wales.

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