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New Expressions 3:Heavy Rock|Plymouth Sound 2015: Process and Methods

posted on 2021-03-28, 10:35 authored by Keith HarrisonKeith Harrison
A contemporary response to the historic collections held at the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Heavy Rock|Plymouth Sound focused on the unceasing hidden construction process of the concrete Breakwater in Plymouth Sound. This public project extends Harrison's ongoing research into transforming matter through sound and making hidden processes public.

This item contains 31 images documenting the methods and processes of the project, including developmental drawings.

This item documents the many stages of development undertaken throughout Heavy Rock|Plymouth Sound- including developmental drawings, the breakwater maintenance, experiments with sound installation and sea to shore recordings, Harrison's intervention within the block's casting and curing process and the role of Brian and Lee, the dockyard workers who make the wavebreakers. The final images show the filming of the Heavy Rock Wavebreaker in position on Plymouth Breakwater. Due to unexpected delays Harrison's Wavebreaker was dropped without notice so was not documented.

To view a film directed by Tim Knights and produced by Jared Schiller documenting Harrison's approach to the project, please click the following link:

Photography courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.

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