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Performance / Exile / Heritage - "Dancing Exiled Identities" Presentation & "Beyond Forgetting: Recreating Histories" Embodying Arts Research Presentation

posted on 2021-03-24, 20:07 authored by Thomas Kampe
‘Performance / Exile / Heritage’, undertaken in collaboration with Pascal Theatre Company (PTC) (London) and Coburg University (Germany), aims to respond to hidden and reluctant histories of persecution and exile through visual and performative means. It examines historical entanglements at a time when contemporary migration and refuge increasingly put western colonial histories into question, and seeks new affective/embodied modes of remembrance and re-discovery. The output ONE LOST STONE (2020) exemplifies the probing of affective/ embodied and choreo-visual practices in response to the histories of marginalised Jewish communities and heritage in the UK.

This item contains a PDF of the presentation 'Dancing Exiled Identities' and a PDF of the presentation 'Beyond Forgetting: Recreating Histories'.

Dancing Exiled Identities Presentation:
Slides of presentation by T. Kampe on the work of exiled Jewish dancer/pedagogue Tile Roessler; Dance and Somatic Practices Conference, Coventry University. (07/07/2019)

Beyond Forgetting: Recreating Histories Presentation:
Slides of a research presentation on exile dance and cultural trauma by T. Kampe;
Taiwan National University of the Arts (TNUA), Taipei. (07/11/2019)

Photographs courtesy of Thomas Kampe, Bodenweiser and McTavish Archives, Barbara Cuckson, Shona-Dunlop McTavish, Gaby Aldor and Israel Dance Library.

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