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Plastic Vanitas and Amani Vanitas: Traces of The Future, Nunnery Gallery, London January 27th - March 26th 2017.

posted on 2021-03-27, 14:56 authored by Mariele NeudeckerMariele Neudecker

Emerging from residencies at the Museum of Design in Plastics and Amani, an abandoned post colonial science research centre in Tanzania, the Vanitas works question what constitutes an archive and how responses to it might forge new connections, shedding light on our anthropological heritage, sustainability and our relationship to the environment.

This item contains a press release, 4 exhibition views, 2 video works and 4 of the 11 exhibited photoworks.

This item documents the inclusion of 11 photo works and 2 videos from Neudecker's Amani Vanitas series in Traces of the Future, at the Nunnery Gallery in London in 2017. The works were created during the artist's historical-anthropological research at Amani Hill Research Station, Tanzania, as part of an artists residency project, ‘Memorials and remains of medical science in Africa’, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), forging new collaborations between art and anthropology. Together with photographs by Russian artist Evgenia Arbugaeva, Traces of The Future highlights the fragility of scientific progress. The exhibition is curated by Greer Crawley.

Photography: Rob Harris. Images used with permission courtesy of the photographer and the Nunnery Gallery.

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