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Polymorphism in audio-visual composition - Interviews with Paul Jebanasam

posted on 2021-03-20, 15:07 authored by Paul JebanasamPaul Jebanasam
Polymorphism in audio-visual composition defines a novel approach to materiality in audio-visual composition that fuses processes across sound and image mediums to develop a language based on hyperreal forms. Through the focussing of spectral sound processing, light and fluid simulation techniques towards a hyperreal materiality, novel depictions of physical phenomena as mythic forms were produced. The materiality is the substrate of the works’ central mythological structures and presents a new development in the representational capacities of the audio-visual artform.

This item contains five interviews with Paul Jebanasam in which he explains his work on Continuum, which are contextualising information for this collection.

Please see links below for open versions of the interviews, accessible elsewhere online.

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