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Portrait of an Egg: Exhibition, Photo London, Somerset House, London, 16th - 19th May 2019.

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Portrait of an Egg was a multi-faceted project comprising a curatorial interactive website, 2 sculptural and audio visual installations and 2 seminars. Addressing the new ways of seeing created by the phenomenon of viewing Art through the camera phone, the components of this project came together as part of Photo London, Somerset House in 2019.

The exhibition of The Portrait of An Egg was the third and final stage in Gavin Turks Open Call project. Staged in the Great Arch Hall at Somerset House. It was a site specific installation of submitted open call works projected across 4 screens, with an accompanying soundscape centred around Gavin Turks large black bronze egg sculpture, Ovum 2019.

An In Conversation on the 19th May 2019 between the artist and Mathew Collings, explored the ubiquitous use of the smart phone and its impact on our cultural consumption.

This item contains a contextual exhibition outline, 1 image of Ovum (2019) , 6 exhibition views and a screenshot detailing the In Conversation at Photo London.

Ovum 2019

Patinated bronze

58 × 58 × 80 cm

Edition ⅙

Courtesy of the artist & Live Stock Market Ltd
Photos by Andy Keates
Used with permission

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