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Record Player Orchestra & Sellotape Cinema, A3 Project Space & Vivid Projects, Birmingham, 26th April, 28th June & 4th July 2014.

posted on 2021-03-29, 10:12 authored by Roger ClarkeRoger Clarke
The Record Player Orchestra is an interactive and performative installation exploring the possibilities of collaborative and symbiotic manipulation of sound through physical engagement with a record player, turntable and a bespoke vinyl record.

This item contains 15 images of workshops 1 and 2, 2 audio files of improvised compositions, I video and 8 images of the Vivid Projects RPO installation and performance.

This item documents a collaboration, between RPO and Sellotape Cinema, an artists' organisation that make films with sellotape. Initiated and curated by Trevor Pitt at A3 Project Space in Birmingham in 2014, the 3 event project consisted of 2 experimental workshops and an interactive performance and recording. The RPO and Sellotape Cinema explored non hierarchical patterns of composition and performance, by developing a process of improvised responses to signals from various physical objects. This included coloured plastic spheres that lit up via a control panel, an overhead projector and laminating roller which could be drawn on, and a mobile 3D model of the planets signalling to different particpants when to play as a planet moved into another zone. This repurposing of material opened up new forms of expanded engagement with the record player and vinyl, enabling further exploration as to how visual cues could be used to develop new compositions. The project culminated in a 3rd event at Vivid projects on the 4th July, with an installation and performance of the collaborative improvisations.

Film of Installation at Vivid Projects can be accessed via the following link:

Projection mapping by Neil Bunce.
Photography by Roger Clarke.