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Reimagining Post Punk: The Buzzcocks & The Fall: I Shout For The Fall, Bury Art Museum, 22nd September - 24th November 2018

posted on 2021-03-28, 18:37 authored by Nigel RobinsonNigel Robinson
This collection comprises 2 projects that revisit the enduring legacy of Post Punk. Firstly Orgasm Addict Reframed 2017, a touring exhibition of works by designers invited to reinterpret The Buzzcocks iconic cover, including Robinsons Huh Uh Uh : and secondly Robinsons ongoing series of works centring round the free distribution of badges, celebrating the cultural importance of Mark E Smith & The Fall.

This item documents the inclusion of Robinsons artwork in I Shout For The Fall, curated by John Rooney at the Bury Design Museum in 2018. Invited designers were asked to create works inspired by the lyrics of Mark E Smith as a tribute to the iconic singer, who had recently died. Robinson created an artwork based on a factory punch card, exhibited as an A3 poster, inspired by the lyrics of ‘Industrial Estate’ from The Fall's Live At The Witch Trials album. Robinson also designed a poster for the event based on his badge design and made badges to be distributed for free at the gallery opening.

This item also includes prints and badges from Robinson's ongoing punk inspired DIY project, centred around the free distribution of badges via Instagram, celebrating the cultural importance of Mark E Smith and The Fall.

Additional material includes the summary of a lecture Robinson delivered to Graphic Communication Students at Bath Spa University on his thinking and approach to design, relevant to the methods and processes employed in these design works.

Photography: John Rooney, Nigel Robinson. Used with permission.

Website screenshots used with permission courtesy of John Rooney, Design Manchester.

Social media screenshots used with permission courtesy of Dan Fox, Mathew Walkerdine, and Patrick Thomas.
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