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Releasing the Archive - Historical Resource Images

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posted on 2021-03-24, 21:21 authored by Thomas Kampe

The practice-led project ‘Releasing the Archive’, undertaken in collaboration with dance-scholar Carol Brown (NZ/AUS), aims to re-articulate marginalised modernist exile-dance practices and histories, with reference to the work of Austrian Jewish choreographer Gertrud Bodenwieser (1890-1959) who pioneered Modern Dance in New Zealand and Australia after 1939. It embraces trends towards somatic-informed dance practices, performance-as-archive, and the revisioning of modernist dance legacies.

This item contains historical resource images illustrating the broader historical context within which the research was undertaken.

Photographs courtesy of Margaret Michaelis and Studio D'Ora.

Dancers: Gertrud Bodenweiser, Hilary Napier, Lisl Rinaldini, Hilde Holger and Shona Dunlop McTavish.

Photographs of posters courtesy of Thomas Kampe.

Images of Hilde Holger courtesy of Thomas and Gerhard Kampe, with permission from Theatermuseum Wien and Hilde Holger Archives (Legacy Project).

All material used with permission.

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