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Releasing the Archive - Installation: 'I Travel With You' - Interactive Mobile Phone Dance - Installation & Exhibition Documentation

posted on 24.03.2021, 21:20 by Thomas KampeThomas Kampe

The practice-led project ‘Releasing the Archive’, undertaken in collaboration with dance-scholar Carol Brown (NZ/AUS), aims to re-articulate marginalised modernist exile-dance practices and histories, with reference to the work of Austrian Jewish choreographer Gertrud Bodenwieser (1890-1959) who pioneered Modern Dance in New Zealand and Australia after 1939. It embraces trends towards somatic-informed dance practices, performance-as-archive, and the revisioning of modernist dance legacies.

This item contains images from the 'I Travel With You' installation and the text provocation which accompanies the piece which is one component of the Research Output for this project.

'I Travel with you' (2016-2019), is a participatory micro- screen dance installation & score for mobile phone, tracing and constructing diasporic dance practice;
dancers in Kampala (Uganda), Sydney ( AUS), and Kuching (Malaysia) recorded and uploaded short choreographic responses on a mobile device which travelled across four continents.

Part of the project 'Good Bags, Bad Bags - in 225 days around the world', curated by German artist Reinhardt Wanzke and part of the exhibition ‘Sammlung als Erzählung’ Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt a.M. (16.05.2019)

Photographs courtesy of Reinhardt Wanzke.

Used with permission.

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BSU QR funding, University of Auckland Performance Based Research Funding, UA Faculty Research and Development Funding & Quick Response Grant Creative New Zealand.