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Reportage Illustration - Holburne Museum 'Holburne Up Late' event video (2018) & Bath Digital Festival talk (2020)

posted on 2021-03-29, 12:26 authored by Tim VynerTim Vyner
Reportage Illustration as Visual Journalism in Two World Cups brings together two projects that explore the potential of drawing to visually capture and communicate a unique testimony of global sporting events to open up new ways of audience engagement.

This item contains documentation of Tim Vyner's video produced in Russia, documenting his reportage illustration methods at the Street Child World Cup, which was shown as a part of his talk at the Holburne Museum's 'Holburne Up Late' series, on 29 June 2018.

Also included here is an image of the Bath Digital Festival event page for 'Reportage Illustration 2020', which took place 21st October 2020 via Instagram Live, and at which Tim Vyner spoke about his reportage illustration experiences at the World Cup events.

Video courtesy of Stuart Roy Clarke and used with permission.

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