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Rethinking Waste - Compound 13 Lab Artist Residency Programme, 2018 - 2020

posted on 2021-03-28, 12:16 authored by Ben ParryBen Parry

The Rethinking Waste project, funded by the UK’s Global Challenges Research Fund, confronts the question of waste and disposability through the introduction of an experimental design and learning space, Compound 13 Lab. At the Lab, young people are placed at the centre of their own learning, to co-design and develop a bespoke ‘living curriculum’ that responds to their issues, addresses their needs and aids their future goals. The implementation of the Lab is intended to create a space of enquiry where these local knowledges and practices can be communicated within and beyond Dharavi, through a process of increasingly self-organised making and learning.

The Artist Residency Programme activates the Lab as an experimental making and design space and provides a learning exchange mechanism to address issues of waste, work, education, survival, and sustainability in Dharavi. From 2018-2020, five artists were commissioned to undertake work in Dharavi, alongside their own contribution to the programme: Aqui Thami, Ian Dawson, Akhila Krishnan, Sharmila Samant, Mrugen Rathod, Ben Parry and Graham Jeffery.

This item contains photographic documentation of residencies by Aqui Thami and Ian Dawson, as well as a brief description of the Artist Residency Programme. It also contains links to documentation of the two residencies and to the Artist Residency Programme pages of the Compound 13 Lab website:

Use this link to view details of Aqui Thami's residency.

Use this link to view details of Ian Dawson's residency.

Use this link for further details of the Artist Residency Programme.

These links are also available below under 'References'.

Images courtesy of Aqui Thami and Ben Parry. Used with permission and consent.

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