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SCRUB – Hypatia Trust SAPling Innovation workshop

posted on 2020-01-07, 16:58 authored by Caroline Harris

SCRUB investigates, through poetic practice, the relationship between humans, language and ‘scrub’ plants and ecologies.

In March 2019 Caroline Harris ran a workshop with Camilla Nelson for the Hypatia Trust, Penzance, Cornwall. Titled SAPling Innovation, this formed part of the Radical Landscapes season. Caroline showcased ‘SCRUB management handbook no.1 Mere’, with a short reading and workshop to share her poetry making methods. The workshop involved selecting and cutting together found text fragments from a range of Cornish sources and knitting these into a series of new poems about plants and language. These were displayed on fragments of cyanotype photogram from a Cornish garden and hung from navy wool (the colour used for Cornish gansey fishermen’s jumpers).

This item includes photography showing the workshop materials and resulting poems.

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