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SCRUB – Radical Landscapes

posted on 2020-01-07, 16:59 authored by Caroline Harris

SCRUB investigates, through poetic practice, the relationship between humans, language and ‘scrub’ plants and ecologies.

This item contains details of the Radical Landscapes exhibition at The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington, Devon, where the ‘SCRUB management handbook no.1 Mere’ artist’s bookwork was exhibited along with the language art works ‘SCRUB (Path)’ and ‘Portraits of Severed Plants: Love-in-a-Mist’. At the Curator’s Talk, Camilla Nelson from Singing Apple Press read the poem ‘Prussian Blue’. There is also a video of Camilla Nelson discussing the exhibition and context.

The text and images for the article ‘SCRUB’ by Caroline Harris, from a curated series promoting Radical Landscapes, is reproduced courtesy of online journal The Learned Pig.

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