Sadang B Research Timeline

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Sadang B: Research Timeline and Research Material

posted on 2021-03-25, 15:31 authored by Young In HongYoung In Hong
Sadang B (2019) is an exhibition project comprised of three newly commissioned projects, Un-Splitting (Performance), The White Mask (Music performance) and To Paint A Portrait of a Bird (Installation).This interdisciplinary project questions the normalisation of extreme nationalism and social inequality by exploring the human - animal boundary through the lens of those socially marginalised in South Korea. Sadang B is suggested as a site where these enquiries can take place.

This item contains a Sadang B Research Timeline, 4 archival images and photographs from a public workshop Hong conducted at Spike Island in 2019 as part of her research. This item also includes the catalogue from her exhibition Sadang B at the MMCA in Seoul, October 11th 2019 - 1st March 2020.

Photography by Young In Hong.

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