Shared Pasts Decoding Complexity - Colston Statue - Screen (343.9 MB)

Shared Pasts: Decoding Complexity - Screen Capture of App In Use

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posted on 2021-03-24, 17:26 authored by Coral MantonCoral Manton

Shared Pasts: Decoding Complexity, is a practice-as-research project that investigates how spatial computing, data visualisation and augmented reality can be used to tell complex narratives about historic artefacts and places.

This multi-component output spans two interrelated prototypes: ‘The Museum Collection Engine’ (2018) and ‘Shared Pasts: Decoding Complexity’ (2019).

This item contains screen capture of the Shared Pasts application in use. It shows the application detecting the Statue of Edward Colston (formerly) in Bristol City Centre as a 3D object which can be interacted with by the user. Three white/orange orbs appear, which represent different narrative options for the user. It also shows some detail of the text, describing these narratives.

Video courtesy of Coral Manton.

Used with permission.

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