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The Habits of Artists - Regulation, resistance, readiness and care (Contextualising Information)

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posted on 2021-03-25, 18:43 authored by Natasha KiddNatasha Kidd, Jo Addison
By understanding the patterns and routines in artists’ behaviours as unique features of creative knowledge making, The Habits of Artists seeks to deepen our insight into art learning. Employing a unique platform through which the audience is engaged in public learning as performance, the research asks whether we can find fitting frameworks for communicating the complexities of art practice, in which often subjective and bespoke logics drive creativity.

This item contains the Author Accepted Manuscript version of a book chapter co-authored by Jo Addison and Natasha Kidd:

Addison, J. and Kidd, N. (2019) 'Regulation, resistance, readiness and care: what can be learnt by performing the peripheral behaviours of artists?' in, Campbell, L., ed. Leap into action: critical performative pedagogies in art & design education. New York: Peter Lang.

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