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The Moon's Trick: A Fire That Never Dies, (6 Embroidery Works), 14th January - 20th February 2016, Cecilla Hilstrom Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.

posted on 2021-03-28, 22:11 authored by Young In HongYoung In Hong
The Moon's Trick is an exhibition of two new commissions (a sound installation and performance), and a series of 6 embroidery works that explore the dialogue between embroidery, sound and musical performance. Drawing on an archive of post war Korean photographs Young In Hong looks at the unexplored time and space of history by translating it in multiple ways.

This item contains images of the 6 individual embroidery works, 5 exhibition views at Cecilla Hilstrom Gallery, Stockholm in 2016, 5 exhibition views at the Korean Cultural Centre, London in 2017 and 2 at the Exeter Phoenix in 2018. There is also a document of contextual detail on each of the 6 embroidery works.

This item documents 6 large scale embroidery works which were exhibited in Young In Hong's solo exhibition A Fire That Never Dies in 2016 at the Cecilla Holstrom Gallery in Stockholm, then again in 2017 and 2018 as one of three key works in The Moon's Trick at the Korean Cultural Centre, London and Exeter Phoenix. A Fire That Never Dies introduced a series of works that deal with the image of fire, light and lanterns associated with collective rituals, folk beliefs and political demonstrations in London and Seoul.

The 6 embroidery works featured in A Fire That Never Dies became crucial works in developing the course of the research which culminated in The Moons Trick where they formed 1 of the 3 key works in the exhibition.

Photography: Jean-Baptiste Beranger, Luke Andrew Walker, Kii Studios & Photography, Kim Minseung. Used with permission by photographers and Exeter Phoenix, Cecilia Hillstrom Gallery and the Korean Cultural Centre.

Catalogue and poster included with permission courtesy of the Cecilia Hillstrom Gallery.

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