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The Moons Trick: Looking Down From The Sky (A Performance) 2017, The Korean Cultural Centre, 2017 London, Exeter Pheonix, 2018.

posted on 2021-03-28, 22:11 authored by Young In HongYoung In Hong
The Moon's Trick is an exhibition of two new commissions (a sound installation, Prayers 1-39 and performance, Looking Down From The Sky), and a series of 6 embroidery works that explore the dialogue between embroidery, sound and musical performance. Drawing on an archive of post war Korean photographs Young In Hong looks at the unexplored time and space of history by translating it in multiple ways.

This item contains a performance outline, 5 images of the 5 panelled photoscore, at the Korean Cultural Centre, 2017 and Exeter Phoenix in 2018, 15 performance images at both venues, a video of the performance at KCC, a performance layout, a completed score arrangement, an exhibition poster, and press release.

Looking Down from the Sky is a piece of music composed by Young In Hong and written as embroidered notes based on post war Korean photographs. The entire piece consisted of 5 sections and was performed live by the artist and 6 vocalists and musicians at the opening of the exhibition.

Photography: Kii Studios & Photography, Luke Andrew Walker. Images used with permission courtesy of the photographers and the Korean Cultural Centre & Exeter Phoenix.

Videography included courtesy of the Korean Cultural Centre.

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