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The River Shannon Project - Embracing the power of the river - Book Chapter

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posted on 2021-03-24, 11:22 authored by Helena Enright
The River is a one woman play which researches through testimonial performance and storytelling how people engage with the landscape, physicality and presence of the River Shannon as it flows through the city of Limerick. The River Shannon Project documents this creative practice research carried out by Dr Helena Enright, Senior Lecturer in Drama, at Bath Spa University in partnership with Elemental Arts & Culture Festival, Limerick and Limerick City of Culture 2014.

This item is a reflective essay written by Dr Helena Enright and published in World Class Limerick - Dynamic Reflections in November 2015. Provided as contextualising information. The document is the Accepted Manuscript version, which is used with permission.

Enright, H (2015) 'Embracing the power of the river.' In: Garrett, J, ed. World class Limerick: dynamic reflections (Volume 1). KPM Printing and Publishing, Limerick. ISBN 9780992721824