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The Signal and the Noise - Storyboard

posted on 2021-03-24, 18:07 authored by Charlie TweedCharlie Tweed
Commissioned by Animate Projects and funded by a Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award, The Signal and the Noise was developed during collaborative research with biomedical scientist Dr Darren Logan at Sanger Institute, Cambridge. In the film I address the following question: how can I produce a Sci/Art work that moves beyond data visualisation and employs fiction as an operational tool that enhances the collaborative process, brings recent developments in genetic technologies into view and generates discussion and debate amongst diverse audiences?

This item contains the initial storyboard.

During this time I developed a science fictional script further in collaboration with Dr Logan, the script particularly focused on the technologies and tools used in his research and began to think about the parallels between genetic coding and computer coding, and the analysis of code. We began to visualize how developments such as Optogentics and CRISPR could extend these parallel conditions, with CRISPR allowing scientists to edit lines of DNA and Optogenetics allowing scientists to influence behavior by using colored lights that are directed at neurons in the brain. This was formalised in a storyboard.

Images courtesy of Charlie Tweed.
Used with permission.