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UGO - UGO 0.1 Project Space - Contextualising Information

posted on 2021-03-26, 11:34 authored by Jonathan KelhamJonathan Kelham

UGO is a series of practice-research projects which focus on the ambiguity of the project space in site-specific, pedagogical and digital contexts to generate new learning as a collective troubleshooting experience.

UGO Project Space was a public art programme of large format site-specific artworks presented on an underused billboard as part of the British Art Show 8's Associate Programme (2016-17) in Southampton, UK. Three curated commissions were shown in a high exposure context, challenging local artists to consider key themes including: notions of the multi-site, parallels in regional industrial decline, and the Southampton celebrity.

This item contains the following contextualising information:

1. A proposal for British Art Show 8 Southampton (BAS8) (2016),

2. A page in the BAS8 Fringe programme on UGO Project Space and timetable of events. Design by Jonny Hannah. Used with permission.

3. An entry for UGO Project Space as presented in the BAS8 Fringe Reveal review. Design by Adrian Hunt. Artwork by Team Beswick & Pye. Used with permission.

4. More information about BAS8. Available via this link.

5. A Google Map showing the location of the UGO Project Space billboard, and the billboard specifications. Copyright Google Maps 2021.

6. UGO Project Space logo, a screenshot of the UGO tumblr page. Design by Jonathan Kelham. Used with permission.

7. A link to the UGO Project Space tumblr page. Available to view via this link.

8. Further documentation on Available via this link.

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