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Writing_Making - A Game of JUG - MediaWall Exhibition, Bath, 2017

posted on 2021-03-26, 16:58 authored by Conor WilsonConor Wilson

Writing_Making contains three projects – A cup is a, A Game of JUG, and concerning roundabouts – undertaken between 2015 and 2019. Each explores skilled production, as an intimate engagement between body, material and site, through experimental combinations of making, language and display.

A Game of JUG is a project that began with an invitation to show in the Pour Me group exhibition at Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey, Devon (18 March – 7 May 2017). Three jug objects and six image-texts, collectively titled Krug | Cruche | Jarra | Jug (1 litre), were exhibited.

A Game of JUG is a 30-image loop, produced for MediaWall, a multi-screen display (7.35m high x 3.75m wide) in the foyer of the Commons Building, Newton Park Campus, Bath Spa University, Bath (15 – 29 June 2017). Images were selected from those created during the writing_making process initiated by the Pour Me exhibition.

This item contains photographic documentation of the MediaWall exhibition.

Images courtesy of Conor Wilson. Used with permission.