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Writing_Making - concerning roundabouts - Artist's Book (JAB45, Spring 2019)

posted on 2021-03-26, 16:58 authored by Conor WilsonConor Wilson

Writing_Making contains three projects – A cup is a, A Game of JUG, and concerning roundabouts – undertaken between 2015 and 2019. Each explores skilled production, as an intimate engagement between body, material and site, through experimental combinations of making, language and display.

concerning roundabouts is an experimental, process-led exploration of methods that interweave material, embodied knowledge and language. The primary output is an uncreative visual poem, constructed from five textual sources. The poem was published as an artist's book for the Journal of Artists' Books 45 (JAB45), Spring, 2019.

This item contains the artist's book concerning roundabouts, the cover and contents pages of JAB45, and a project description.

Documents courtesy of the artist and JAB45. Used with permission.

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