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Reason: This monograph is still in the final preparatory stages ahead of publication in 2021.

Zassho-Cascadia - Book Maquette & Essays

posted on 2021-03-25, 15:19 authored by Stephen VaughanStephen Vaughan

Zassho-Cascadia is the culmination of a long-term research enquiry that uses photography to consider seismic histories and rupture probabilities in the tectonic subduction zones of Japan and the Pacific Northwest. It presents the experience, memory and anticipation of catastrophic earthquakes and tsunami in the context of deep time and scientific exploration.

This item contains a maquette of the monograph Zassho-Cascadia by Stephen Vaughan, along with draft versions of two essays for the book by Eugenie Shinkle and Harold Tobin. Zassho-Cascadia will be published in 2021 by Loose Joints Publishing. The original 2020 publication date has been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic. This monograph is the culmination of a decade-long enquiry that uses photography to consider the relationship between volatile seismic geology and the human-cultural landscape.

Documents courtesy of Stephen Vaughan and Eugenie Shinkle. Used with permission.

Vaughan, S. (2021), Zassho-Cascadia, Loose Joints Publishing, ISBN9781912719303.

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