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danceroom Spectrocopy 2.0 - Hidden Fields at Z-Space, San Francisco, California and Stanford Art Gallery, Palo Alto, California (2015)

posted on 2021-03-22, 18:27 authored by Joseph Hyde

danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) is an arts/science collaborative project exploring molecular dynamics, allowing users to interact with a scientifically-accurate molecular simulation through movement in real time. Hyde’s contribution is the sound and music for the project, involving a complex interactive system (for a public installation) and an hour long interactive score for a dance-based performance using the system.

danceroom Spectrocopy 2.0 took the Hidden Fields dance performance to the Standford Art Gallery in Palo Alto, California on 11 March 2015, and to Zspace in San Francisco, California from 12-14 March 2015. This item documents these performances.

Photos by Joseph Hyde.
Used with permission.

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