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posted on 2021-03-25, 08:25 authored by Joseph Hyde

Molecular Music grew out of the danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) project, an arts/science collaborative project exploring molecular dynamics allowing users to interact with a scientifically-accurate molecular simulation through movement in real time. Where this interaction was originally through movement, in Molecular Music Hyde led a project to explore interaction through sound, both in a solo audiovisual performance (Cloud Chamber) and in collaboration with other musicians.

This item contains a paper from the proceedings of the XVII Generative Art Conference, written about the project, as contextual information.

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Hyde, J, Mitchell, T and Glowacki, D.R (2014) 'Molecular music: repurposing a mixed quantum-classical atomic dynamics model as an audiovisual instrument.' In: Soddu, C and Colabella, E, eds. Proceedings of XVII Generative Art Conference. Domus Argenia, Milan, pp. 169-187. ISBN 9788896610305.