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Troubled Waters - Indigenous Knowledge Report

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posted on 2021-05-28, 09:26 authored by Sara JonesSara Jones, Richard Johnson, Esther Edwards
This item contains documentation of research in support of the REF2021 Impact Case Study within the Geography & Environmental Studies Unit of Assessment (14), entitled "Increasing Resilience in Remote Societies facing Interconnected Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Challenges (India & Kiribati)".

This item contains the AHRC/ESRC-funded Report entitled ‘Forging Enduring connections in Kiribati’, part of the ‘Mobilising Indigenous Knowledge’ initiative. Lead author: Sara Penrhyn Jones. Report written in collaboration with key project partners in Kiribati, KiriCAN. Co-presented with Pelenise Alofa, KiriCAN at ‘International Seminar on Indigenous Engagement, Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilisation’ (Rio de Janeiro, 2019). Co-authored by Richard Johns and Esther Edwards.

This item is part of the overall Collection relating to the research output Troubled Waters and its contextualising research components.

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